Washington, DC

The Nation's capital, Washington DC is a wonderful vacation destination full of historical sights and excellent hiking trails to explore. Only four hours from Atlanta, Washington DC is near the mountains and heavily forested area of northern Virginia. The climate in Washington is a little chillier, yet you can still plan a number of exciting activities on which to enjoy your stay. One of the best choices for your vacation with your family is to travel to ArFrom to see the beauty of National Forests. If you also happen to visit the Blue Ridge Mountains, you will see some of the most beautiful foliage in the world.

The capital of this nation’s capital is also one of the most interesting cities to visit. Washington DC was the first capital of this country and is famous for its monuments like the US Capitol Building and the US Lincoln memorial. You will also find some historical sites very near to Washington DC including the Constitution grounds, Mount Vernon and the overwhelmed Benham bridge. If you are interested in historical maps, Washington DC is the perfect place to study up on them.

Carol City, Tennessee

Carol City is a wonderful place to visit for its famous theme parks and resorts. Travel near to enjoy the train or take a road trip to get to the city. You can even stop in Gatlinburg where you can almost believe you are in another place and what is almost happening is that you are. Camping is very popular in this part of the country. You can also take your loved ones along so that you can have a wonderful vacation. Many of the resorts and theme parks have official websites which allow tourists to stay up to date with the activities and games they are planning to have.

Carmen, California

Located near to the Pacific Ocean, Carol City is a choice for those who want to plan a trip to Santa Cruz Island. Santa Cruz Island is known for its beaches, surf, tide pools, limestone cliffs, and mountains. You can even add to the list of activities by having dinner or beach volleyball games at the Ben Reifel Activity Center. Many activities are also arranged by the city. You can enjoy miniature golf,cherry picking, hike, search for fossils, and walk the dog.

Niagara Falls, Ontario

From the Canadian border to Lake Ontario is 190 miles. That is almost one full day trip if you take the Niagara Falls tour. You can see the falls, the area boats, offer up goose berry picking, a visit to the candy shop and of course, get the biggest scoop of ice cream you can find in the area.

Whether you want a day trip or a week end trip, there are manyvellover activitiesto do in the state parks in New York. This state has one of the best outdoor climates in the United States. Whether you want to enjoy the spray of snow, dozens of waterfalls, or the wild woodland, New York has it all. Admission price to New York state parks is $12.00 for adults, $8.00 for seniors (62 and over), and $5.00 for children 6-11 years of age. This is a very affordable way to spend a day, or even several days.