Annually, millions of Americans and Canadians visit Canada, and most who travel there recall fondly the country's ten cities or towns that lend themselves to popular stereotypes.

Vancouver, British Columbia- Located on the edge of the Pacific, Vancouver is perhaps the most coastal of cities in the world. Indeed, one of the main reasons why travelers snap up cheap flights to Vancouver is because of the city's elegant beaches, temperate climate and convenient accessibility. The weather is so pleasant, in fact, that a large part of the city is not more than a 90-minute drive from the coast.

Troje Located in the Inuit region of the Canadian Arctic, Troje is perhaps the most northern community in the country. The town's neighbouring town of Iqaluit is famous as the site of the 2004 Olympics, but Troje is still justly proud to be the Second largest community in the region. With a population of a little over 35,000 people, this is a popular destination for people who wish to mix vacation travel with moresay, educational travel.

St. John's- Most travelers tend to flock to the island city of St. John to experience the gorgeous beaches provided by the surrounding islands. Historically, the area has been a shipping route. Taloyoak is a great spot for seafood but other activities are available in the area just outside of the main attraction.

Pangnirtung--Often referred to as "Pangnirtung" or "Pangnirtung Ptarmigan" is a must-see area in Franz Jellibay. The area offers hot springs and plenty of animal-friendly opportunities to photograph and observe these majestic creatures. Franz Jellibay itself offers many places to stay, shops to shop in, and plenty of routes down to the beach for sunbaths.

Harriet Lake- This used to be Lake District National Park, but now offers a safe haven for walkers, skiers and bikers. The lake is surrounded by fantastic scenery, including rocky cliff faces, mossy willows and waterfalls.

identical to those found in Ontario, Minnesota and other parts of Canada, these beaches offer a gateway to a wealth of outdoor adventures.

Not only are there numerous secluded beaches to explore, the area also boasts plenty of resorts, lakes and camping facilities. Carved into solid rock, Half Moon Bay is one of the most spectacular places to see on earth. The area is dotted with sand dunes, rocky cliffs and hidden coves. Arguably, the most spectacular and popular beach in the country.

Rinusual among Canadian fishing camps, this camp offers a wide variety of opportunities for the fisherman. There are catamarans for salmon, mahi mahi and halibut, and the camp has a world class accessories shop.

Sky Point Lodge- This influential spot is not only has views of the steward but also offers fantastic views of the wilderness lake below. Lodge rooms are air conditioned for comfort and views of the lake can be enjoyed through built in windows. A bar and library are also located here.

Snowshoe Ranch- Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, the resort encompasses Steps Rock, where you can take the "Garden Route"! More like the "O Canada" tour if you don't mind crossing into the Ontario lake to take a look at the waterfalls (henga kaha). There are 11 bays in all to explore. Bring your for tool and lunch and be prepared for some serious walking, though the trails can be steep at times.

Wai-Ta resorts- Formal dressing, sparkling pools and a spa, these are just some of the luxuries you will find at some of the fancy resorts in the area. Luxury is about Fashion Island in Ontario, and it certainly pays to at least try on affordable pair of Hush Puppies or similar comforters before you check in to your resort.

Horseshoe Bay and other lake area recreation areas- When you have had enough of sports and you just want to do yourself a solid, you'll be glad to know that the lake area offers an assortment of watersports, hiking and cycling opportunities. For example, there is the Golden Beach Provincial Park, where you can explore the shoreline and watch the fish. There is also footage of the Golden Tube, a beloved TV travel program.

Scotiabank Island- If you're looking for a place to relax, then Scotiabank Island is an excellent choice. It's the ultimate relaxation haven, offering a location to eat, drink and relax under the canopy of an impressive grove of trees. The island museum has a large display of local photography and local art, and prepare your own scrumptious meals on the prepare Shack, a deluxe picnic shanty. End