It would be hard to name a top ten favorite holiday destinations across the US. There are some really fun and exotic destinations across the country. Many of these are gateway to the west coast and should not be missed. It is advisable to travel out of season to experience the best holiday destinations.

Walt Disney World

Many families with children will plan their summer holiday at Walt Disney World. Go into the parks early, and often. It is still a Places to Remember for families. Catch your favorite show when and where you want. You can have breakfast and lunch at select restaurants and go into the parks any time you want.

Hershey, Pennsylvania is one of the original six days in Amish County, Pennsylvania. Another favorite destination is Hershey, Pennsylvania. The third oldest Amish community in the US, Hershey, also has an abundance of amusement parks and museums. One of the most popular sites is Hershey Park and Zoo. There are also beautiful parks inorgetown and Chocolate Springs. Everyone has fun at Hershey Park.

If you are planning a short five day business trip and need to combine your vacation with a downtown break, you may choose to stay two nights at a downtown hotel in Washington DC. There are many four and five star hotels that cater to conferences, meetings and vacations. You can rent a penthouse suite with an event space for as little as $40 per night. Make sure that when you stay at a hotel that they offer conference rooms. Having your own conference space greatly increases your productivity and brand exposure. Breakfasts and lunches are provided in many of these conference suites. The Grand Hotel Washington, DC is a popular choice amongst many for corporate venues. Many of its penthouse suites have conference rooms for corporate meetings.

Two other popular destinations for business are the Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. Newport Beach has always been a popular tourist destination. Although it is now more of a residential area, the famous boardwalk still welcomes millions of visitors. The Santa Monica Bay is another destination that has become more of a residential area. It is located just north of Los Angeles and near the Venice Beach area. The boardwalk creates the Newport Lagoon, which is a popular water park and resort. The variety of water activities in the Newport Beach boardwalk is second to none. The lagoon is large enough to swim in, so you can also bring a small picnic and enjoy the beach.

Laguna Beach is a well known beach to surf. Although it is farther north than Cresent City, it is still close enough to be within a day's drive. Laguna Beach is smaller than Venice and has a beach that stretches for several miles. The beach has everything you need, from picnic tables to drop-off areas, Hands on Ship and hundreds of restaurants. Parking is free on the beach. Although it issuer sushi and is better than most, it is pricey for what it offers. Parking costs $14 for one hotel occupancy and $25 for a condo or home nearby.

Driving north from Santa Monica on the Pacific Coast Highway, you will soon come to Hermosa Beach, known for its golden sand. Although it looks like somewhere on Route 101, it is located on the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean, with the cliffs divided by a thousand feet of sparkling sand. Although sunbathing is not what draws visitors to the beach in Hermosa, strollingroglass and surf shirts should be easy to find on the beach. Many visitors don't opt to go to Hermosa Beach for the surf; instead, it draws those who enjoy all forms of water sports. There are many businesses and services available for those who wish to venture out further.

Perhaps the most popular beach in Hermosa is Bondi Beach. It is located on the Tenby Island, along with Hyde Beach. All three beaches are separate and have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Tenby Beach is the largest, most popular and most popular beach in Hermosa, with many hotels set a little back from the main drag. It has a walk-through redwood forest and a rocky point called Staircase. There are numerous restaurants along the boardwalk and beach. The water in Tenby is clear and warm year-round. Many people also choose to park their cars on the beach, and enjoy a swim in the ocean. When fresh water comes into contact with surfaces such as runways, surfboards and sand castles, it causes less erosion with no real damage to the Surfers Paradise beach.

Shopping is also a popular activity in Hermosa Beach. There are many conditioners and shops that can be found in Leucadia and there are also small shops in every mall on the island.