Disney has long been a favorite of US citizens. The famous theme park company these days operates dozens of themed cities all across the US. Each one is bound to give tourists something new to watch.

New York City has the Central Park that holds acres of greenery and forest. The park is full of Characters. It has various playgrounds and vast hiking trails. It is the largest playground ever built, with over 9,000 individual pieces of playground. The park is hosted by some of the most expensive parks in the world.

One of the most lavish playgrounds ever built was Union Park in New York. It cost an astonishing $400 million to build. The park was constructed in 1904 and hosts nearly 2,000 miles of trails. There are miles of walking and biking trails, with strollers and wheelchairs allowed on many of the rides. Union Park also has the longest winter celebration in history, with fireworks set off in the evening.

While most people associate New York with the Empire State Building and associated skyscrapers, the city also has a fascinating variety of parks. The parks allow people to get away from the bustle of the city and relax. There are several geographical hotspots in the city and surrounding areas including the Hudson River, the Pacific Ocean and the Rockaways.

The Rockaways is a waterfront park in New York City. It is largely located on income tax territory and does not actually meet the criteria for being considered a park. But it is so close to the city and so much younger than other parks, it is included on most city-guide maps of the best parks to visit in New York.

The Hudson River Park, constructed over the past 100 years, is the largest public recreational area in the world. The park offers 6.2 miles of trails, including a mile of the longest trail in the world, and thousands of species of plants. Other popular activities include kayaking, biking, swimming, downhill and cross-country skiing, Additionally, there are numerous boat tours available and a golf course with 18-hole scoring. The park is just minutes away from the Harrison Tunnel and New York City's Bridge.

Go Below Wonderland is a fascinating world of caves and rock formations in the Catskills. It is a must see for anyone embarking on a trip to the Catskills. The 730 feet of cave passages are illuminated by stalactites and stalagmites. There are tours that go through the Munitions Caverns, exit the cave at 2.7 miles and hike to Old Man's Cave. The park offers something for everyone with a historical trail, hiking, biking, bird watching.

The Ms. Kayerog Museum is located in the Hudson-Meng Farm Historical Center. For an instructional tour, you will need to stand in the path of the tractor that plies the farm roads. After the tour, you can purchase an antique cider apple at the store next door.

The George Halas Center for the Study of the Hudson Highlands was recently opened in Rond Point, and is shedding light on an often-overlooked section of the Seminole Indian Complex. "The preservation of the historic landscape of the [Hudson-Meng] Highlands will require the partnership of government and private interests." Halas Center director Lewis pants that preservation will require everyone's help.