Since Canada is a large country there are also a number of theme parks spread across the landscape. The northern part of the country including Quebec has some fantastic sites.

Quebec has the Maple trees located just outside of Gatineau Park which is located at the center of the Quebec City suburbs. It has a wonderful city park where visitors can stroll or jog with their dogs. About 5km from the center is the world famous Gatineau Gardens.

About 5km west of Gatineau Gardens is the world famous Mont Royal Park located outside the city. About 16km outside the city walls is a vast expanse of water spread out over the railway line and it is for this reason that canoeists flock to this area year round.

The area outside of Quebec is note sides the city of Montreal, but there are some equally stunning natural sites nearby including the spectacular Bay of Fundy. The park is located on the east coast with the better known park being Hecksher.

This beautiful part of the Canadian countryside has everything from brilliant wildlife to canoeing in the810 Islands. The fishing and wildlife here is second to none in the world.

The Kegon Falls near Lac Le Jeune just outside of Lac Provence in eastern Quebec will enchant you. The 1548 foot high river falls into two turquoise waters. There is a nice café on the property offering a nice view over the river and the surrounding area.

The Cote de Beaver Brook located near the town of Bayfield offers a bird's eye view of the 80 Mile Bridge that separates the north east from Montreal. You can jump off the bridge and walk ten minutes or so to the top of the falls where on the third and final floor of the hotel you will find a Unless you are very unlucky and go to the other side, the top of the falls will be free of water. This offers a spectacular about face view of the bridge.

10 minutes up the road you find the Cadillac Mountain. It is a large granite mountain that you can climb to the top. Just past the peak is a small NJ ferry that you can use to bring your inner tubes from the bottom of the mountain to the top of Cadillac Mountain. Just be forewarned that because of the granite nature of the mountain there is some very limited access to the top.

Another favorite of mine when visiting the area is locking the Kitchener Lakes Trail. There is a part where you hike to the top of the water falls called the Waterfall Trail. It starts off on the Beaver Street and runs past the restaurant and waterfall. It then proceeds to Bernard Road and eventually to the Inlet and Falls.

If you drive or walk to Ice Harbor you will be in for the real treat. If you leave the car and walk to the car park and ride a few minutes then head to the frozen cascade. It provides a breathtaking treat to the heart. If you are alone or with a friend walk even further to the top of the falls and spend time enjoying the spectacular beauty of this place.

Bernard Road is the other trail in the area. It offers you a wonderful view of the Carillon Falls and the nearby Jacks Falls. After you finish your loop it is recommended that you walk to the top of the Carillon Falls.

If you are still smelling the lingering scent of the maple leaf's you should turn around. The same scent that falls from the trees creates a wonderful rustic beauty to the area. The local residents have named this area " depressing town " as the place is so sad and empty.

That is really a brief description of the vacation activities of bosnaking in Canada. But hopefully, hopefully, you will get the chance to see one or more of these places. Please do not limit yourself to the places in Canada. Explore the entire country and see how much fun it can be to vacation in the wilderness of Canada.