Madeira is an archipelago of Portugal in the northeast Atlantic Ocean and it offers an extensive range of tourist facilities. The islands offer thriving nightlife, with a range of bars, clubs, and cafes as well as historical buildings and monuments. Madeira is often called the Venice of the North.

The islands of Madeira can be divided into two major groups: the mainland and the archipelago. The mainland group comprises seven cities that attract tourists from all over the world to spend vacations there. They are Var, Funchal, Dom, Santo, Barrai, Nossa Senhora Dona Paula, and Egg. The major cities of the mainland group are all situated together, giving tourists a tour of historic buildings and landscapes.

The archipelago group of seven islands is less popular than the mainland group of five. But it also has a lot to offer to tourists. The major islands of Madeira island are situated in the anchored islands off the coast of the larger island, Gu weekday.

This group of islands is called as the Mar Children. Although tourists rarely stay for a long period of time on Madeira, these islands are a must see because of the pristine waters and unspoiled landscapes that they offer.

Madeira island is a vibrant group of islands with a lot of natural diversity. One of the unique features of Madeira island is that the north west coast hosts national parks that offer a fantastic experience when it comes to surfing and sailing.

When it comes to swimming, the north west coast is a great spot to be. The beaches is also considered to be a pristine area. The weather is calm and the marine resources are great. A unique feature that you will not find on other islands is the Hotel de bene Waist Deep Well. This remarkable feature is well worth the visit.

The Elafon bank is another attractive attraction. The banks has a lot of natural charm and it has a lot of landmarks that you can organize your trip around. The Aloe Garden is an important landmark situated just off the river.

For many, family time is very important. This is a place that provides a relaxed atmosphere for parents and children alike. As a result, the place is very popular among Portuguese travelers.

Madeira is a small island but it has a lot of unique features that make it very appealing. The west coast offers exceptional swimming, fishing and diving spots. The crystal clear waters are a haven for a lot of fishes, crustaceans and marine life.

Another thing that makes Madeira one of the most beautiful islands is the bifurcation. The island is used for the production of wine, Madeira wine in particular. The wine is produced in the valley that was previously named Serra de Tramuntana. This valley is considered to be the wine grown region of Tramuntana.

Before you come to Madeira, it is very important to know that the island has strict tourism laws and order.

The island has a museum, open weekends from 9AM to 5PM, that serves a good flow of information about the island. In the Elisabeth Island, you even get the opportunity to visit the employees of the airline company to learn more about their history and the history of the island.

The museum is open for seniors and children. There is also an archaeological garden, garden of the forest, an Botanical garden and a historical library.

Ducalote Beach is very famous and is the most populated beach on the island. All the resorts are spread very far apart on the island. This makes the beach most accessible to tourists and it is also less crowded.

The island is also a great place for swimming and snorkeling especially in calmer periods. The surf is not that high but still lifeguards should be advised to take proper precautions. The north west coast is generally cooler and the waters are a bit colder.

The airport is about 4 miles from the north eastern coastal resort of Porthejo. It is also located just about 5 minutes by boat from the Algarve.

The single track road connects the airport and the two hotels ( lodges and apartments) in order to avoid the A66 toll road. The west side of the island is right on the Atlantic Ocean but the east side is on the mainland. This will give you immense sailing opportunities. A good part of the eastern coastline is sandy and not good for swimming whatsoever. Be aware of swimming in the north east because there are no beaches there.

If you want to visit Madeira, Morro Jable is the perfect scenic spot to visit. If you plan to rent a car to explore the island, Morro Jable is the perfect scenic spot to see for those who are interested in golf and who love the game of all areas.