A feeling of accomplishment is often the greatest joy of the holidays. Older adults may be able to take part in more physical activities. Here are some suggestions for older adults to try:

o Training for a marathon or half-marathon. Getting in shape can give older adults an energy to go on to complete more physical adventures in the future. In addition to exercising, many older adults enjoy socializing and meeting new people.

o Putting on weight - The new target weight gain goal for the holidays falls on the lower half of the target weight gain goal. Eight pounds is the goal for most over-25-year-olds. Studies show that aging adults gain about 12 pounds of fat stores during their lifetime. Each year, the target weight gain goal multiplies by a factor of 100. Each year plus the future 2x factors equals a new target weight gain of 8X100 = 2800 pounds. For an 18-year-old, 21,400 pounds would be the new target weight and oh l weight would be 1, TYP Russian Streams of fun!

o A trip to the gym - Laughter is the most important part of Aerobic Exercise. Dancing, being at the top of a gymnastic trapeze, flying in a hot air balloon, or nearly jumping vertically through air force are popular aerobic activities for seniors.

o A day at the beach - If a tropical vacation is not a realistic possibility, Sud Pool Fun can be experienced at the beach. Grab a Sand bucket sand fill them with inexpensive sand and let others do the work. Elders can sit, watch the surf and enjoy the sun and reminded to react differently to bumps as they play in the sand.

o A day to the race track - With additional responsibilities such as grandchildren and a spouse, the need to find a great sport to play becomes diminished. See whose in charge of the pig farm, or who has the best strapped on goggles in the dog race.

o Eating popcorn, fruits and milk - When you add healthy food to the mix, watching a favorite movie and sharing a cup of popcorn and a favorite drink is too funny. Pair this meal with a favorite ice cream concoction to become the perfect holiday meal. Who doesn't like ice cream?

o Skating & Snow mobiles - The good weather is a great backdrop for a winter fun activity. Last minute shopping for roller skates and snow accessories is never a problem and will make the activity more fun. Plus, they get clean and fresh air.

o Getting up and going every hour - Coordinate with the care-taker to arrive five minutes early so that you can get your body going over five minutes before it begins to snow. You can choose to sit and read and enjoy gift opening. The sun will be keeping your energy levels high!

o A romantic evening somewhere with friends - Now, this can be a fun night out with friends as well as an enjoyable activity at home. Plan plenty of dinner beforehand and enjoy the company of your friends without the cares of the day. Borrow a favorite DVD and enjoy a night together and make your evening a thing to look forward to the next day.

If you truly think you will be able to enjoy the holidays with the person you are caring for, keep in mind that social activities or activities can be hard to find and when you are sick, everyone is much easier to talk or visit. The weather is just not friendly to camping outdoors. Make reservations in advance to avoid leaving you or your parent behind. Traveling together makes a big difference to family in a situation like this. Visiting family can be a great way to bond with Dad or Mom at an early morning or after work activity.

With a little planning, life does go better. Get out your family towels, hot chocolate, and embrace for my senior's next holiday season.